1. Believe in Yourself! One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t —- you’re right” If you believe you can accomplish a goal, then you will take action. If you believe you can’t accomplish a goal, then you make excuses to justify that perspective. So, believe that you can!!!!!!
  2. Practice Fearlessness! FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear distracts us from our focus on the target we set for ourselves. So, if you want to try out for the Drama Club—-Go For It!
  3. Failure is one of the best teachers! Many successful people have failed. Learning from our mistakes gets us closer to success. Teens, pay attention to the scores on your tests and the teacher’s feedback so you learn the reason(s) for the mistakes to improve next time.
  4. Take Action. As Nike says, “Just Do It!” Procrastination is highly related to fear and perfectionism. Tell your Inner Critic voice to STOP with messages of not being good enough or feeling too scared to try. You are capable of achieving anything you truly desire. Make a choice to do your best and feel good about you overcoming procrastination.
  5. Your success depends on you being a team player. Most of us need support and encouragement to accomplish some of our goals. Your team includes your parents and teachers. If you are experiencing a challenge with a particular subject, talk to your teacher for advice or extra help. At the very least, talk with your parents for their ideas to help you solve the problem.
  6. Choose friends who are like the way you want to be. You ultimately become more like the people with whom you spend your time. If you struggle in a particular subject, study with a classmate who does well in that subject. By studying with that person, you will learn a strategy to improve. Make friends with people you respect and you will incorporate some of their healthy perspectives as your own, with your own flair of course.
  7. Be patient with yourself! It takes time, energy, and perseverance to reach some of our goals. If you are committed, you will realize your success!

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