Energy Ball Download

dove logoI thought it would be fun to combine tapping with a brief Infinite Being script to the Energy Ball exercise. Traditionally, tapping is done on a specific problem and is followed by tapping with a more “positive” tapping script. I chose to only tap with a “positive” script since I don’t know many of you who will be downloading this audio. Tapping rewires your brain and creates a new neural pathway or connection.

Before you begin this exercise, you may want to review the tapping points here:

TappingPointsIn the audio, I mention each point to tap as I read the script aloud to you.

I wonder what explosion of creation we Be if we included Tapping, followed by the Energy Ball exercise, and ending with getting our BARS® run? I wonder what delicious joy and awareness we Be doing an Energy Ball exercise while getting our Bars® run? Infinite possibilities! ENJOY!

Download your free audio file below:

Energy Ball Audio Download

Look forward to your feedback.