Feel Joy In 30 Minutes!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”  – Carl Jung.

Shifting your state of mind involves your thoughts and your feelings.  Shifting your thoughts to a more positive state elevates your mood.  Likewise, happy feelings trigger more positive thoughts.  Taking control of both pathways to happiness can be achieved by setting aside 30 minutes a day to meditate, exercise, and note the accomplishment of nourishing your mind and body!

Step One:  Meditation.

Take at least fifteen minutes to meditate on all of the circumstances in your life for which you feel gratitude.  You may also want to meditate on your vision for your life in the future and creating that picture in your mind’s eye.  I sometimes meditate on opening my heart to receiving love from spirit and my family and friends.  When I fill my heart with love, then I continue to meditate radiating it out into the world.  For me, this has had an enormous impact.

For example, in one of my meditations my vision was that my heart would be open to receiving Divine love, and love from my friends and family.  As I envisioned my heart swelling with love, I then meditated on radiating that love out into the world.  The meditation alone made me feel warm and happy.  I tend to exercise a lot, (running is my sport of choice) and I run on the beach after my meditations three to five days per week.  On one particular occasion after doing this meditation, I set out on my run as usual.  When I arrived at the beach, I began my run and as a young woman passed me, she acknowledged me with a smile and a small wave.  I didn’t think anything of it, until I kept running and sure enough, every single person that passed me greeted me as well!  This has never happened to me before, despite running so frequently, so for this to occur after meditating on radiating love, I was amazed!

Step Two:  Exercise.

Thoughts change feelings.  With exercise, positive feelings can change thoughts.  At least fifteen minutes of exercise can improve your mood because exercise releases endorphins!  Often while I am running I focus on my previous meditation, focus on a vision I want to create in my reality, or I may repeat an affirmation (i.e., repeating in your mind, “I am successful”.)  I believe that meditation accompanied with physical exercise integrates my vision or self-affirmation into my subconscious.  Coupling meditation with exercise opens channels, thoughts and feelings that bring about positivity and joy!

Step Three:  Acknowledge.

It is best to take a moment to jot down your accomplishment and to feel gratitude for it because this written message is more easily registered in the subconscious.  Acknowledge your accomplishment of setting aside thirty minutes today to feel more joyful about your life!

– Kimberly