Teen Confidence, Self-esteem, and Resilience

“In order to have confidence and compassion for ourselves and others, we must develop the resilience and courage to deal effectively with the ordinary difficulties of life.” (Pyschology Today, Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath, September 16, 2011). Confidence is the belief that you are competent in your abilities in a particular situation or a specific task. Confidence is an acknowledgement of one’s strengths. Less confident peers may judge a confident teenager as conceited. Teens benefit from … [Read more...]

The Cycle of Perfect Procrastination

Procrastination is a way for you to be unkind to yourself! Procrastination is something we’re all familiar with, whether we admit it or not. Basically, procrastination refers to those times when you do everything and anything you can to avoid doing the work you should be doing. Why do we procrastinate?   Procrastination of the perfectionist One of the reasons some of us procrastinate, is that we want everything to be perfect. Let me explain: as perfectionists we expect a lot … [Read more...]


Believe in Yourself! One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't ---- you're right" If you believe you can accomplish a goal, then you will take action. If you believe you can't accomplish a goal, then you make excuses to justify that perspective. So, believe that you can!!!!!! Practice Fearlessness! FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear distracts us from our focus on the target we set for ourselves. So, if you want to try out for the … [Read more...]