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Happy New Year 2015!

For many of us, part of the New Year tradition is making resolutions.  There is a difference for me between Resolutions and Intentions.   Resolutions seem to command a firm commitment and can lead to frustration when we are met with challenges in keeping to our resolutions.  Often, guilt feelings are the result of failing to adhere to our firm commitments.  Instead,  I like to focus on Intentions.  Intentions seem less commanding and more permissive of the challenges as we navigate our journey.  While there is still a hope for an end result with our intentions, there is room to allow the journey.   Therefore, frustration and guilt are not byproducts of not achieving the end result because the result is our intention.   Any step in the direction of intentions IS a goal met.  Furthermore, I believe awareness is the gateway to freedom of choice.  When we set an intention or resolution, we are bringing into awareness what we desire.  However, with a resolution, we seem to have a method of operation to reach that resolution and with an intention, we don’t need a method because we are allowing room for inspiration.  Inspiration brings forth clarity and peace, and thus, we can choose more mindfully.  Of course, there are sneaky obstacles of which we are unaware and thus,may pose a challenge in the direction of our intention.  One common obstacle is putting the past in place of the present almost automatically.  We categorize time as Past—->Present—->Future.  When we have unresolved issues or we have been emotionally triggered, this is what happens:  Present—->Past—->Future.  Here, the past is obstructing our course/intention to the future.  We have to move the past behind us by forgiveness, shifting our perspective, or replacing an old belief, which no longer serves us, with a new belief in alignment with our spirit or desire.  What follows is the proper alignment of Past—>Present—>Future.  When we act from the present, there are no obstructions, just options for different choices.  The following quote by Peter F. Drucker seems fitting:

“Long-range planning does not deal with the future decisions, but with the future of present decisions.” 

Set Intentions, Feel Inspired, Be Present, Bring Awareness, Make Mindful Decisions, Change the Challenges to Create Opportunities, and Enjoy the journey to the SUCCESSFUL unfolding of your desires.